DSL Modem/Router Combo

Doran Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Thu Apr 13 17:25:11 MDT 2006

Dallin Jones wrote:
> The company I work for has 36 stores around the state. We are looking
> at getting DSL in the ones we can, and if at all possible iProvo,
> Utopia, or other high speed options if they are available. What I am
> looking to do, is get a standard router that I can use for all
> connections. But here's the catch, I would like to use the same item
> for the DSL Modems as well. I remember reading a few weeks about about
> Netgear having such a product, but can not longer find that
> information.  Does any one know if there are other products that will
> double as a router and/or DSL modem? What would be best for this type
> of set up? Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Dallin Jones

Cisco 800 series modems work great. Even the 677 or 678s still work great and 
are super cheap from eBay.

I don't like the Actiontec modems because (a) they've historically been not 
as dependable as Cisco, (b) they require a clunky web interface for 

Cisco 67x or 8xx will provide a web interface, but also a serial interface 
(for onsite configuration) and a telnet and/or SSH interface (for remote 

Now, trivia: The Cisco 67x wasn't made by Cisco. They were made by NetSpeed, 
which was purchased by Cisco. They're not quite Cisco-quality, but I still 
use them a lot. Kind of like Linksys wifi equipment vs Cisco wifi equipment.


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