DSL Modem/Router Combo

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 13:51:45 MDT 2006

I implemented site filtering at the OS level, and left it at that. 
Then again it WAS a lab the computers for the most part only needed
access to a a couple of resources online and that was it.

> The only beef I have with Actiontec routers and modems, are that their
> site filtering leaves a lot to be desired (basically the have none) at
> least on the ones I have dealt with in the past. If they have some
> better ones, whichs ones work best? In my dream world, I would like to
> be able to set up a white list of sites that can be visited... The
> rest get rejected and blocked. I am half tempted to set something up
> with OpenWRT and some WRT54GL (Linksys) and the use standard Linux
> apps. I wonder if they support what I am looking at... Back to google.
> So it is sounding like I need to go with multiple models rather than
> being able to get a single model and then set up a configuration file
> I can just blast them with.

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