DNS registrars?

Richard K Miller richardkmiller at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 13:42:50 MDT 2006

>>>>> I didn't start the thread, but I have problems with GoDaddy's
>>>>> advertising because of it's use of pornography.
>>> Hahahahahaha... *sigh*
>>> Good old Utah.
>> I'm with him on this one, and I'm not from Utah.  I've had a dozen
>> domains at GoDaddy over several years, but I'm migrating away (and
>> almost done.)
> I don't see the relevance, I think I found the ones people are  
> objecting to.
> The "Go Daddy Girl" ads.  I see nothing pornographic, just some girl
> in a Bikini.
> It doesn't make me want GoDaddy domains any more or less than I did  
> before.
> The girl looks like she needs to work at Hooters, so when I first saw
> her my initial impression was "Oh kewl Go Daddy is now selling chicken
> wings!"
> Sorry if you find those ads offensive, you need to lock yourself 500ft
> underground in a concrete bunker and not come out for a million,
> billion years (Ice Age Refference).
> But seriously, the ads are not relevant to the product they sell, then
> again most ads anymore aren't.
> Just my 2c

To me, part of the problem was that Bob Parsons (CEO/Founder) is so  
defiant about it.  If you read his blog, you'll find several comments  
from women who say "Bob, why are you doing this?  Girls in bikinis  
aren't relevant, aren't professional, and are offensive to me as a  
female business owner" and he'll just respond "Get over it." or "I  
know people that like it."

I agree there's no relevance, so why do it?  Why alienate customers  
when you could so easily have their business by emphasizing your  
great product?  If Bob Parsons is just making a point, it's not a  
point I want to support with my patronage.

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