Carl Youngblood carl at youngbloods.org
Wed Apr 12 20:56:05 MDT 2006

I too am using Arrival Telecom and have been very impressed with their
call quality.  They even are able to do faxing over IP, which is a
good test for whether or not you have good voip.

On 4/6/06, Barry Roberts <blr at www.robertsr.us> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 09:10:51AM -0600, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> >
> > So here is my dilemma.  I have had two friends suggest using BroadVoice.
> >  I then spoke with one of those friends on the phone.  I was very
> > disappointed.  His voice sounded like a tin can, and every third word
> > was dropped.  He says he is also using Comcast for Internet.  I am okay
> > with cell phone quality, but this is several levels down from that.  Is
> > this what I am to expect?  Is there anything that can be done about the
> > quality?
> Before I cancelled my old phone, I got an account from Arrival Telecom
> (http://arrivaltel.com).  I've been using both for 2-3 weeks now.  The
> Arrival line sounds great.  They have a nice $10/mo plan, and they
> will sell you an unlocked PAP2 or RT31P2.
> The setup was as easy as Vonage (they pre-config the router for you),
> and I just picked it up in Orem the day I ordered it.  I suggested a
> "no-solicitation" feature, and they implemented it within a day or
> 2. I also got 2 iax trunks for outbound calling with my asterisk pbx.
> They're a small local company, they know what they're doing, and they
> are very responsive.  Highly recommended
> > My second question is that I don't want to replace my current phone
> > system with SIP phones.  I would prefer to get a phone adapter.  What is
> > a good high quality phone adapter?  The one that I thought was nice was
> > the Cisco 168 [1].  The one my friend was using was the Linksys PAP2.
> > When I looked for the PAP2 it said it requires Vonage?  What phone
> > adapter device has worked best for you?
> I got the RT31P2, and I like it.  I researched it and found that at
> least LinkSys (maybe other VOIP router makers) only sell unlocked
> routers to VOIP providers.  You can buy unlocked ones on eBay, but
> they were expensive last time I looked.  I think Sipura uses some of
> the same chips as Linksys, but you can buy unlocked routers.  See
> http://voip-info.org for lists of manufacturers.
> Barry Roberts
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