Re: SSH hank attempts��bad?

Blake B. shadoi at
Wed Apr 12 14:07:02 MDT 2006

On Apr 12, 2006, at 12:19 PM, Andrew McNabb wrote:

> Yeah, I just love it when I can't log in to my own machine!  It's just
> great.
> It's not uncommon for me to ssh into my own machine 10 or more  
> times in
> a 60 second period.  I know people that do twice or thrice that.

I can see a few scenarios where this would happen (scripts, sync  
jobs, etc.)  but overall why would you ever need to?  You can easily  
exclude IPs from the iptables behavior, and/or setup a backdoor SSH  
daemon on a different port.  And generally if you're the only person  
using the system then keeping SSH on port 22 isn't really a concern.


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