SSH hank attempts bad?

Chris Carey chris.carey at
Wed Apr 12 11:30:15 MDT 2006

On 4/12/06, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:
> First: Trim your responses! I don't care if you're using gmail, many of
> us aren't and we resent having to scroll forever to get to your
> response. Show a little consideration.

OK sorry.

> Second: Temporarily blacklisting IPs that are making repeated attempts
> is not futile. It conserves system resources because you can skip
> creation of a connection, generation of a key, authentication, etc. That
> said, I would periodically expire entries to keep the rule size from
> getting too big.

That is why I suggested using automated temporary blacklisting system
such as PSAD. Sorry you didn't see that.

> Third: I have no idea who you're responding to, you seem to to be
> responding to yourself. You accuse yourself of unfair snipping, yet you
> didn't snip anything... I know you don't like the way the meds make you
> feel, but they're for your own good. Really.

I was responding to Mike, though I'm sure you knew that.  Geez, I just
wanted to make sure my original comment wasn't taken out of context.
Let me apologise again for not snipping my response enough. It must
have caused your scrolling finger some pain to motivate you to make a
personal attack on me.

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