Re: SSH hank attempts��bad?

Tierra etierra at
Wed Apr 12 09:57:10 MDT 2006

On 4/12/06, Gary Thornock <gthornock at> wrote:
> Denyhosts looks like an interesting alternative, though.  I think
> I'll try it out :)

On 4/12/06, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> Too bad there isn't a global blacklist a person could subscribe to,
> that way if you notice that you need to add someone to your block
> list, you could notify some service and they would add it to the
> global blacklist.  Then anyone subscribing to the blacklist could get
> an update and block that IP until the admin of that IP fixes the
> problem, and reports this fact back to the blacklist.

Seems fairly recent (as of 2006-02-04 aparently) that DenyHosts added
that blacklist functionality. It's also highly configurable with
settings on how many hosts needs to of been attacked by an offending
IP before you block them, etc...

I've been using it with good results for close to a month now.


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