Redhat buys JBoss...

Scott Pepperdine spepper at
Mon Apr 10 17:35:04 MDT 2006

The FreeBSD & Java discussion was with me.  If I remember correctly, we 
concluded that Sun probably didn't want to license java to FreeBSD 
because of the competition FreeBSD would present to openSolaris. 

I'm not an expert on these things, but of all the open source operating 
systems I've played with I was probably most impressed by FreeBSD.  
Being on a Linux list I should mention that this is not a criticism of 
Linux.  In fact, it was the community and release philosophy of FreeBSD 
that attracted me the most.  More 'business-like', or similar to my 
background, which is AS/400, iSeries, i5, whatever marketing name IBM 
comes up with next.  I like the coordination that happens between the OS 
releases and the ports.  It seems to be less of the 'fly by the seat of 
your pants' environment that the Linux folks enjoy.  Now, lest anyone be 
offended, these are just the perceptions of an outsider.  So don't make 
me have to buy asbestos suits.

So Bryan, thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I had left FreeBSD 
behind because I need Java support on my servers.  I'll look at it again 

Bryan Sant wrote:

>Well, I guess JBoss isn't going to suck on Linux anymore -- at least I
>really hope ;-).
>Also, FreeBSD Announces Official JDK JRE 1.5 Binaries.  In the past,
>*BSD has had Java ports, but they were never official.  Now they are. 
>I remember someone asking about this before.
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