2.0 printing problems.

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Mon Apr 10 15:27:37 MDT 2006

Michael wrote:

> Right now what I have to click on the pdf button, generate a pdf and
> then use Adobe Reader to print it.  
> Has anyone else had OpenOffice print poorly?

I had similar problems, but found that changing the Generic Printer 
settings to send output to kprinter solved them.  If you didn't already 
know, you can run 'spadmin' to configure the Generic Printer (or add 
others).  I just changed "lpr" to "kprinter".

The only annoying thing is that when I click "print" in OOo I get the 
popup where I can select the print range, number of copies, etc. and 
when I click "OK" I get the KDE printer popup as well-- and again, I 
can mess with the print settings.  It would be nice to go straight to 
the KDE printer popup without the OOo one, but I haven't figured out 
how to do that yet.

Obviously this will only work if you're running KDE :) but maybe it'll 
lead you in the right direction...

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