video conferencing

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Mon Apr 10 12:29:31 MDT 2006

On 4/10/06, Al Byers <byersa at> wrote:
> Can someone share their linux video conferencing experience? It is
> difficult to make sense of what is out there from googling. I would like
> to conference to a windows machine, but I can do linux-to-linux.

I've done a number of different things trying to have a decent
experience with a video conference on Linux.  Best I've had so far is
with Ekiga <> (AKA gnomemeeting 2.0).  It
supports SIP now, so it should work against any SIP softphone out
there.  It also works with H.323 and will talk to netmeeting but you
have to change some settings for netmeeting to work.  You'd probably
have better luck Linux-to-Linux using SIP.

As for more-than-two-way conferencing, you'd need to have some sort of
service running to support it.  For H.323 there are a few open source
things for that, none of which worked very well last time I tried. 
For SIP there's Asterix.

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