Redhat buys JBoss...

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Mon Apr 10 11:02:56 MDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 09:57 -0600, Bryan Sant wrote:
> Well, I guess JBoss isn't going to suck on Linux anymore -- at least I
> really hope ;-).

Further, with RedHat's commitment to a true open-source Java
implementation, it is conceivable that within a few years we'll have a
complete J2EE stack that can run entirely without any Sun dependencies.
I think that will be very good.

> Also, FreeBSD Announces Official JDK JRE 1.5 Binaries.  In the past,
> *BSD has had Java ports, but they were never official.  Now they are. 
> I remember someone asking about this before.
> -Bryan
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