Database Dilemma... Please help.

Jason Jones poeticintensity at
Fri Apr 7 16:52:56 MDT 2006

> So what Jason really needs to look at, IMHO, is the expected load.  Will

The expected load will be relatively low.  I doubt the  database will have
to process more than  1 query per second, and that's a pretty liberal
estimate.  It'll most likely be hit with a couple hundred queries in a
minute, and then go 10 or more minutes with nothing going on at all.  This
db is going to be nothing more than an internal warehouse of customer
information used only by internal staff.  So.... load will definitely be on
the low-end.

> you've gone to 15K drives, balanced the data across multiple RAID 10
> arrays, bought a quad processor server, and maxed out the RAM, there's
> not much more you can do to increase database performance without
> changing the application or using database clustering.  Database
> clustering is currently the big selling point for enterprise databases.
>   MySQL's clustering capabilities are limited to databases that fit in
> RAM.  Will the database fit in RAM?

Right now it'll fit in RAM, but it won't in the near future.  And as far as
hardware goes, we've got a dual 3.4GHZ 64-bit XEON Dell Server with 4GB of
RAM and 6 Ultra-SCSI drives in a RAID-5 array.

So far, this mailing list has been *extremely* helpful in obtaining the
information I need.  You people are truly amazing.  Thanks to those of you
who helped.  !VIVA LA OSS! :)


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