OT: CSS dilemma ..

Ryan Bowman ryanlbowman at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:01:19 MDT 2006

On 4/7/06, Matthew Frederico <mfrederico at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I have a small CSS dilemma that I was hoping someone on this list could
> answer.
> I'm sure most of you have seen GMAIL's slick interface for mail.  I am
> trying to duplicate the message preview feature in some forum software I am
> currently writing.
> For those of you who don't know, you can re-size your browser, and the date
> and from names remain on the screen, while the subject / content preview
> shrink.
> I've used text-overflow, and other overflow parameters.  I know I am close,
> but its just not quite there yet. I don't want to use javascript.
> For some reason, if you resize the browser to less than 800x600, it BREAKS,
> but if its full-width, the spacing is off.
> for an example see:
> http://www.ultrize.com/forums/
> ..  and resize your browser down.

It looks like you're getting some weird float dropping behavior in
firefox.  I started to look at your code and saw some weird stuff (in
my opinion), got lazy and decided that Bryan's right, it's tabular
data, use a table, it'll probably be a lot easier.

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