Database Dilemma... Please help.

Doran Barton fozz at
Thu Apr 6 18:48:16 MDT 2006

Jason Jones wrote:
> Hardware is not an issue.  Disk space is not an issue.  The only issue is
> whether MySQL (or PostgreSQL) can be properly configured to handle hundreds
> of millions of rows per table without hacking it into some slashdot-esque
> frankenstein configuration.

IMO, PostgreSQL fares better than MySQL in the "enterprise" RDBMS shootout 
when comparing between MS-SQL, Oracle, and the open source varieties. But 
still, hardware is the biggest issue when it comes to any database 
performance. After that comes proper indexing and optimized queries.

My wife works at Sorenson Communications and they're a Windows shop through 
and through. They operate a 24/7 production environment which is heavily 
dependent upon MS-SQL servers. It seems ridiculous to me how much money is 
spent over there just on licensing for those stupid database servers. Not to 
mention the extra time required to chase down problems. Just getting to the 
stupid log files and searching for something is a chore in Windows compared 
to Linux where you can use your trusty toolkit of text manipulaton utilities.

One thing to keep in mind is the support costs. Open source solutions really 
only work for companies if they have competent staff internally to support it 
or they outsource their support to a company that can handle it (*raises 
hand*). It's much easier, in theory, to find Microsoft-weenies to hire and 
that's a fact.

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