Database Dilemma... Please help.

Jason Jones poeticintensity at
Thu Apr 6 12:29:44 MDT 2006

On 4/6/06, Nick Barker <nlbarker at> wrote:
> The question is how wide are your rows and how well do you index.

Database configuration will be as optimized as possible.  Both me and the
9-year-experience DBA will be optimizing the db - so that will most-likely
not be a problem.  The main problem is getting solid evidence that MySQL (or
any other OSS db, if proof cannot be obtained about MySQL) can handle the
amount of data we will be getting.  If proof cannot be obtained about an OSS
solution, we will be going with the already-obtained proof, albeit MUCHLY
more expensive, solution of MS-SQL.


PS - Thanks Nicolas for your suggestions.  I'm looking into emailing MySQL
and searching out their whitepapers now.

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