Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Thu Apr 6 09:10:51 MDT 2006

I am interested in setting up VOIP for my home phone and looking for
some suggestions.  I currently have Comcast for my phone and pay $40 a
month.  The BroadVoice $10 plan includes everything my $40 Comcast plan
has.  You can probably see why I am interested in switching.  We also
have cell phones that we use primarily, and have been talking about just
disconnecting the home phone, but my wife is not ready for that.  So I
figured a $10 VOIP solution would work nicely for us.

So here is my dilemma.  I have had two friends suggest using BroadVoice.
 I then spoke with one of those friends on the phone.  I was very
disappointed.  His voice sounded like a tin can, and every third word
was dropped.  He says he is also using Comcast for Internet.  I am okay
with cell phone quality, but this is several levels down from that.  Is
this what I am to expect?  Is there anything that can be done about the

My second question is that I don't want to replace my current phone
system with SIP phones.  I would prefer to get a phone adapter.  What is
a good high quality phone adapter?  The one that I thought was nice was
the Cisco 168 [1].  The one my friend was using was the Linksys PAP2.
When I looked for the PAP2 it said it requires Vonage?  What phone
adapter device has worked best for you?

Thanks for the suggestions



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