Emacs-- batch mode / lisp command files

justin gedge jgedge at amis.com
Wed Apr 5 15:32:59 MDT 2006

Charles Curley wrote:

>Thanks, very useful. Think about expanding it into a HOWTO for the
>Linux Documentation Project or for the Emacs Wiki.
>One thing I would wonder about is whether it would call your ~/.emacs
>as it loads, which could be quite time consuming. If so, you might
>write up how to avoid it; if not, how to invoke it.

I'm guessing that by default it will load up all your files.  Don't know 
for sure- but wouldn't be surprised.  Fortunately- it's easy to disable 
the loading of ~/.emacs and other site files:

emacs --help shows following two switches:

--no-init-file, -q          load neither ~/.emacs nor default.el
--no-site-file              do not load site-start.el

Justin Gedge

ps- i like the idea of writing for the wiki or ldp :-)

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