download and parse the attachment coming with emails automatically

justin gedge jgedge at
Wed Apr 5 11:38:57 MDT 2006

bibhor dhungel wrote:

>Is it possible to automatically capture the attachment sent to an email
>address before they are downloaded by the client program like outlook? Once
>captured I would like to parse the content of the attachment.
another command line program that may be of interest is mpack and munpack.

I haven't built email filters like you're describing- but mpack is great 
for assembling a bunch of text and attachment files into a message file 
that can be passed into a command line mail program.  Could be used if 
you're trying to automate messages w/ logs attached or something.

On the other end - munpack is great for taking a message and splitting 
the attachments out of it.

Justin Gedge

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