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Steve smorrey at
Mon Apr 3 14:03:34 MDT 2006

Yes thank you I'm accutely aware of that...
What we have here is a misunderstanding of what I'm asking...
I have 2 seperate repos I'm working with
Once is publicly accessible and is mapped to my website, it is gotten
to via http and works like a champ.

The NON public repository is on the same physical box, in a different
location on the harddrive and is being served up by svnserve.  Problem
is that one appears to be inaccesible, even though svnserve is running
and I am trying to get at it using
svn checkout svn://myname@myip/pathto/myrepo

Login seems to work well, but the problem is that I keep getting
errors that appear to me anyways to indicate that the repository is
not there.

However I can access that exact same repository by logging into the
physical server and issuing
svn checkout file:///pathto/myrepo

Any ideas?

On 4/3/06, Lonnie Olson <fungus at> wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> > I have my SSH on an off port to help prevent dictionary style attacks.
> > But shouldn't svn:// be all thats needed or is svn+ssh strictly nessecary?
> The scheme in the URL here indicates what protocol to access the repository.
> svn:// - requires an _svnserve_ daemon running on port 3690
> svn+ssh:// - requires ssh access, and the path is usually relative to
> the root.  Usually runs over port 22
> file:// - requires the repos to be locally available, or mounted via
> NFS, SMB, etc.
> http:// - requires apache to be setup with the proper modules, etc.
> Runs over port 80 or 443 if SSL is used.
> --lonnie
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