Red Hat is Hiring

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Mon Apr 3 07:26:58 MDT 2006

Hello all:

Just wanted to make everyone aware that Red Hat is currently hiring
about 20 software engineering positions.  It is mostly for Java
developers but they have other positions open as well.

These positions are located in Raleigh, NC so you would have to
relocate if you qualify for one of the openings.  (For the LDS people
--- Raleigh has three stakes and one temple.)

I have been at Red Hat Since late 2005 and think its a great place to
work.  We get paid well, have free food, and get to work on/with linux
every day.

If you want to apply, just cruise over to and submit your
resume.  On the app they ask if you know anyone who currently works
here.  You can put my name down if want.  I am not sure if they offer
any type of referral bonus for doing that, but if they do, I am more
than happy to spit it.  I just think it helps to put someone down who
currently works here.

Anyway, just a heads up for anyone wanting to relocate and work at a fun place.

Grant Shipley

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