Web Hosting on a "Virtual Dedicated Server"

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I used to use servint.com and they were pretty decent.  Support was great
and fast, but they don't have the best monitoring.  

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I'm looking to host a Java web application somewhere.  I've always
hosted my own stuff in the past, but I want a bigger pipe (and a real
data center with power backup, etc, etc).

Go Daddy has "Virtual Dedicated Servers" for as little as $28 a month
(including an SSL cert).  Are there other inexpensive options for a
VDS?  I'd like ssh access and the ability to install my own software. 
I'm not wanting an expensive co-location solution.  I don't want to
drop $100+/mo on a dedicated server.

Any suggestions?  Should I just go with Go Daddy (I don't really want
to support them.  I'd rather use someone else).


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