PHP Developer Seeking Employment

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Sat Apr 1 11:22:44 MST 2006


> You know what. I'm sick and tired of the language-ism on this mailling
> list. PHP is a perfectly valid language.

I will agree it can be juvenile, but there is something to be excited
about. The enthusiasm is so often poorly articulated as something like
"PHP?? BOO!"

When it comes to web applications, it's not just about the language
though. The framework you use the language with is a huge part of the
picture. You'll really appreciate this when you write something in one
of the "old" frameworks and then in one of the "new" systems.

At work I found an excuse to break out of our regular java/struts
pattern for a new project. I did the new thing in rails. My project in
rails really is (mostly) beautiful, tight code, just like the rails
pundits like to claim. It was quite enjoyable to write.

Not everyone has the luxury to break out of the regular
language/framework at work (it tends to result in a little more
maintenance chaos) but it can be good. For one thing you'll appreciate a
deeper understanding of what can be done to make the same old
programming problems easier to solve.


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