Distro Hopping!

Brad Dorner bdorner at novell.com
Fri Sep 30 09:15:17 MDT 2005

I've just recently gone through this. I have fairly state of the art
computers and had trouble with my previous OS's. So I went through the
various OS's, gentoo not being one of them because I was installing on 4
computers and didn't want to go through that with gentoo.

I installed fedora core 4, umbutu, debian, yellow dog, knoppix,
mandrake, suse 9.3 and 10, and I think that was it. I was installing on
intel, amd and mac. I am now going back to SUSE as of version 10 for all
of my computers. When I say going back to suse, that was the OS that I
was running on prior to searching for another OS. Over the years I have
switched several times, but I keep coming back to suse. With suse 10 I
have been real happy. with both my newest and oldest hardware it seems
to run really well and detected hardware that none of the others could
find. It is missing some of the elements that I need, I am setting up a
multimedia box (mythtv) but I needed to do that with all of the distros
to some extent because of the hardware that I have.

The other thing I like is that it boots in about half of the time that
the other linux OS's, on average, took. It is also the only OS that I
didn't have to tweek the network and video on to get it to work. 

Anyways, That is what I found with my systems.


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