UVLUG Presents Jared Smith on Asterisk and VoIP

Jordan Gunderson jordy at gundy.org
Thu Sep 29 22:48:17 MDT 2005

On Saturday Oct 8, Jared Smith, co-author of O'Reilly’s recent 
top-selling book “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony”  will present to 
the Utah Valley Linux Users Group on Asterisk and VoIP.

Jared is a Linux systems administrator with several years of telephony 
and VoIP experience. While working for a previous employer, he rolled 
out one of the world's largest Asterisk phone system installations. That 
installation alone saved the company $20,000 (USD) a month and paid for 
itself in less than five months.

He is also responsible for inventing a feature in Asterisk known as 
'IAX2 trunking', allowing concurrent calls between two Asterisk 
installations to minimize IP overhead, and thus increase the number of 
simultaneous calls over a particular network link.

Jared’s Asterisk book is currently the fifth-best selling technology 
book on Amazon.  Come and you might get one!

Much more at:

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