OT: Anyone Have a Recording of Alias Season Premiere

Dreamer smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 22:21:57 MDT 2005

This is why Bittorrent is such a beautiful thing.
I have a TiVO on my DirecTV, and I lose recorded stuff all the time
(Hard Drive has to be fully reset every 30 days or so).
You never know when you're going to lose that season premier that
you've waited 6 months to see.  I figure what the hell, not only do I
pay $80 or so a month to watch the shows, I pay an extra $10 a month
for the "priviledge" of being able to watch it whenever I choose, with
equipment I paid an additional $350 for.  When this happens I just go
out on to the web find the show I missed, and watch it ;)

On 9/29/05, Kimball Larsen <kimball at kimballlarsen.com> wrote:
> So, we managed to set the VCR (I know, I'm still in the stone age w/
> out a TiVo thingie) to the wrong time for the Alias season premiere.
> Anyone out there have a copy of it?  I'd be happy to drive wherever
> in UT county or SLC county to pick it up, and would be happy to
> provide a shiny new VHS tape to anyone who can get me a copy.
> Thanks!
> -- Kimball
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