A Good Business Scanner

Dreamer smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 18:03:47 MDT 2005

I did this for a small company I used to work for in Wyoming.
Essentially, you need to get hold of a good Xerox rep anything else is
basically a waste of time for Data-Warehousing.

On 9/29/05, Hans Fugal <hans at fugal.net> wrote:
> Ryan Nielsen wrote:
> > My company would like to convert all of our paper documents to
> > electronic files (probably pdf).  Does anyone have experience with this
> > or know of a good cheap way of doing this.  We are looking into buying a
> > Xerox DocuMate 510.  This unit comes with the software to convert the
> > files directly to pdf.  We would also like to be able to append to
> > specific files when necessary.  The following link is an example of what
> > we've been looking at (something small).
> >
> > http://www.superwarehouse.com/Xerox_DocuMate_510_Scanner/XDM5105D-WU/p/353384
> >
> >
> > Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
> I don't have any concrete ideas, but I do know that the standard name
> for the software for these things is "Data Warehouse" (or at least
> that's one common name). I think it's a silly and nonobvious name, which
> is why I mention it here.
> I also believe they are usually a real pain in the neck, from the way
> I've heard people talk about them.
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