XP Linksys DHCP Hatred

Derek derek at burdick.cc
Tue Sep 27 23:34:07 MDT 2005

Hans Fugal wrote:

>Any ideas?
One simple setting to look at is the maximum number of DHCP users.  It 
can be found about half way down the basic setup page.  It defaults to 
50, but if you have had 50 clients or have changed it, that could be the 

Also, I would launch ethereal on the XP machine and see what traffic it 
is showing.  It might also be a wireless misconfiguration or the Openvpn 
service might be running causing some issues.  I have had several 
problems getting wep keys working on some cards.  Does it work hard wired?

You can reset the Wins server by entering for the address, 
assuming it is a wrt54g


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