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Tue Sep 27 15:39:22 MDT 2005

Hey all,
I'm looking for a partnership with a a group of 2+ programmers.  I have
posted similar postings before, but this time I can actually pay what some
of you are looking for.  I have used individual programmers in the past,
and, while they were highly skilled, things just didn't seem to work out.  I
prefer to work with a group so that projects can get done faster and more
I am continually turning down application development projects because I
have just had bad experiences in the past with them.  I want to start
accepting these projects and want a relationship with a group that I KNOW
will deliver the working product on time and in good fashion without
complaints or excuses.  I will make sure all the needed information will be
available up front so there is no confusion later on.
If you are interested and have the time (don't have full-time jobs and only
program on the side), please contact me with your rates and samples of
applications and sites you have built online.

Jason Ho-Ching
eChazen Internet  <> Solutions
Office:   602.635.2125 
Cell:      480.452.8560
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