Mailing list bug testing...

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Mon Sep 26 22:45:47 MDT 2005


I believe there is a bug in the mailing list server. Specifically, a bug
that has to deal with how the SMTP server his handling a single DOT on a
line by itself. When an SMTP sender encounters a DOT on a line by itself
it is supposed to  escape it by sending it to the  server as DOTDOT. The
server  will  then strip  the  extra  DOT. A  single  DOT  is a  special
character during the DATA phase of  an SMTP dialog which signals the end
of the message transmission.

There will be data after this  line (including my signature, etc...) but
I believe that if I put a DOT it will truncate the message. This is what
happened to my last message which required a resend of the post.

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