[OT] Re: Anyone competing with Zend?

Lonnie Olson fungus at aros.net
Mon Sep 26 14:38:09 MDT 2005

On Sep 26, 2005, at 1:36 PM, Andy Bradford wrote:
> This  is even  more easily  verified by  simply looking  at the   
> message
> sources. The message isn't being  formatted correctly when sent out  
> from
> his email client. Here are a  few examples taken from messages sent  
> from
> Wade. Notice  that there is  no newline  before the MIME  boundary  
> which
> probably explains  why Mail.app  is displaying the  parts one   
> after the
> other without newlines.

Actually No.  There is a newline before the next boundary, that is  
why it comes on the next line.  There is not an *extra* newline,  
however that is not required.

The messages Wade, and myself send *are* formatted correctly.  The  
problem is only with the way Mail.app *displays* the messages.


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