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Merrill Oveson moveson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 13:56:20 MDT 2005

> take him to the Humane Society, they (Humane Society) will not *kill* him,
>and will do their best to find him a good home.
Yes, the Humane Society will kill him, if they can't place him in a home
within a certain time period.
So, if you care about this dog, do not take him to Humane Society.
The Humane Society is death row for animals, and the clock starts ticking
the minute they're placed there.

 On 9/26/05, Lonnie Olson <fungus at aros.net> wrote:
> On Sep 26, 2005, at 7:24 AM, Dan Sampson wrote:
> > First I am sorry for the off topic post. However, I was hoping
> > that you
> > all would have more knowledge then I. I am trying to sell my Golden
> > Lap. Great dog, it just turns out I am more poor then I thought and I
> > can't really afford him. It doesn't hurt that I am also allergic to
> > him.
> First off let me say how sorry I am to hear about your impending
> loss. Second, let me say that finding a good home is *much* more
> important than a price. Interview each prospective parent to ensure
> that he is going to a good home.
> I suggest that you talk to all of your neighbors, friends, etc first
> as you are more likely to know how they will treat him. If that
> fails, ask them to talk to their friends, and their friends. Also
> visit your local dog parks, as many of those people may be great
> parents, or know someone who can be. And only after you have
> exhausted all possible social networking contacts, advertise on
> craigslist or the paper, but be careful to interview each prospect
> carefully as many may be very bad homes.
> Next, reconsider your priorities. Consider giving up other things
> less important. Remember he was counting on you to honor your
> commitment as a parent, and this is not a minor commitment.
> Last possible resort, if you are on the verge of homelessness
> yourselves, take him to the Humane Society, they will not *kill* him,
> and will do their best to find him a good home.
> --lonnie
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