[OT] Re: A thought on how to deal with OT threads...

JStay at mediageneral.com JStay at mediageneral.com
Mon Sep 26 12:08:47 MDT 2005

> Surely you could use gmail or something.  How "Work Related" 
> is your PLUG involvement?

I'd prefer to pollute my work servers with OT threads vs Google
(actually, some of the OT threads get stopped at the spam server any way
and I never see them). :-)  My PLUG involvement is still very work
related any ways.  My development environment may be stuck in Windows,
but all of my code runs and is stored and tested in Linux environments.
Unfortunately, while our Internet Sysadmins may be Linux admins, our
Networking group is all Windows - one of the disadvantages working for a
large company.


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