Asterisk and the big bad echo

Hans Fugal hans at
Sat Sep 24 09:39:54 MDT 2005

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 at 00:57 -0600, Corey Edwards wrote:
> For me, I think I'll be switching to a VoIP provider at some point.
> NuFone looks pretty good for an Asterisk provider. Simple IAX connection
> and no-nonsense pricing. No commitment either. Perhaps Hans would like
> to chime in with his experience.

I had bad echo like this with my wildcard clone, but some attribute that
to the cheapness of it. 

I've had good results with nufone as my home voip provider, after
discovering wondershaper. The only downside to nufone is that they don't
pass the CID name, just the number, so all your incoming calls look like
they're from "Toll-Free Number."  Maybe they'll fix that someday, but at
$0.02/minute with no extra charges, it beats the pants off of qwest's
basic service even without CID or other features that you get for free
just by virtue of being VOIP.

I'm going to post a detailed savings analysis when I get my first bill
from Qwest for the standalone DSL line, but so far it's looking like
we're going to save a significant amount per month by doing standalone
DSL with NuFone for VOIP. If you talk enough, one of the fixed-rate
plans like Vonage or Broadvoice or something might be better for you.

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