OT - Gas to hit 4.00 -- UPDATE Now predicted to hit 5.00 in twoweeks

JStay at mediageneral.com JStay at mediageneral.com
Thu Sep 22 12:07:58 MDT 2005

> In other news, gas continues to soar amid rising speculation 
> that French and Italian Automakers have created a giant fan 
> off the coast of Africa, in an effort to boost formerly 
> sagging US scooter sales.  Satellite photos show, that is the 
> most likely source of these hurricane attacks, against 
> Americans.  In true Don Quixote fashion, President Bush has, 
> authorized the pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against 
> these hurricane (terrorist) cells. ;)

In related news:


"Weather man: Japanese used machine to control Katrina
KPVI-TV (Pocatello, Idaho) meteorologist Scott Stevens believes
Hurricane Katrina was being controlled by a machine built in Russia and
used by the Japanese yakuza as revenge for Hiroshima. Check out his
website, where he writes: "Our branch of humanity has in its future the
possibility of regaining our sovereignty; that issue yet remains to be
determined. If humanity only knew that this choice presently exists. The
alarm bells are ringing, it is time to wake-up." (Thanks, LR tipster

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