OT - Gas to hit 4.00 -- UPDATE Now predicted to hit 5.00 in two weeks

Jason Hall jason at infogenix.com
Thu Sep 22 09:49:48 MDT 2005

On Wednesday 21 September 2005 23:23, Doran Barton wrote:
> I'm not a fan of Tahoes or any other BFT on the road. I hate em. I hate
> trying to park by them. I hate soccer moms who can't drive them let alone
> drive and yack on the phone at the same time. I hate them. I hate them. I
> hate them.

And yet you'll still talk to me :)  Maybe it's the plates.


> Now, that being said, the 2005 Tahoe really isn't bad comparatively when
> talking about gas mileage.
> 2005 C1500 Tahoe 2WD - 17 MPG

Actually, our 01 still get's at least this on the freeway, city is a little 
less, but that's an 01, with a brush guard (big hit in economy).  With decent 
gas on the freeway we'll get closer to 20, and that's fully loaded.

Gotta keep that guard on there in case you get in front of me :)

> The Tahoe doesn't "kick butt" on its competitors, but it does fare better.
> I'm sure glad I don't drive ANY of these or their 4WD or AWD equivalents.
> I've been thinking about getting a Honda Pilot, but not anymore. Not with
> fuel prices where they are. Maybe... a Vespa.

Comparing with some friends/neighbors, we definately have the best out of that 
range of vehicles. Their Dodges and Nissan's get pitifully less than the 
advertised amount.

Of course, the key thing to remember here, it aint a commuter vehicle, it's 
the one we use when we need it :)


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