OT - Gas to hit 4.00 -- UPDATE Now predicted to hit 5.00 in twoweeks

Jason Hall jason at infogenix.com
Thu Sep 22 09:49:01 MDT 2005

On Wednesday 21 September 2005 16:42, Michael Halcrow wrote:
> ;-) Yeah, `g' and `h' are a bit too close on the keyboard.
> > P.S. How do you pronounce Pflugerville? Is there a Pflugerville
> > Linux User's Group? www.plug.tx?
> It's a mix between German and French, but don't ask me what the
> rationale is, given how the Germans have treated the French (invasions
> and other violations of decent social convention between neighbors).

Oooh, can we start a history flame war now?  Talk about the French treatment 
of the Germans, and our skewed views on the subject due to our alliances with 
the French?

Sorry, old history buff here :)


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