Linux programming position

Steve smorrey at
Wed Sep 21 16:10:47 MDT 2005

Dennis wrote:

>>I don't think thats the point.  The fact is AFAIK know school teaches
>>hardware detection, except the school of hard knocks, and cheap
>>chinese knock off components.  The fact is if you've ever tried to get
>>obscure unsupported hardware going, you probably have experience with
>>hardware detection.
>>And when it comes down to it, lspci is usually all you need to know ;)
>I was thinking more along the lines of doing that programatically.  ie:
>device drivers/hot plug/cold plug/ etc.  (Been staring at the command
>line to long today :)
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I've been considering looking into creation of something similar to 
NDISwrapper, for all types of hardware, and then having a bootscript run 
lspci against known hardware.  If the driver is not present, then just 
go wget it unzip/whatever and poof instant hardware driver.  Just 
recycling the old windows drivers.

Of course this is a pipe dream, that would require quite alot of ifs, to 
be in place before it could work.

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