Linux programming position

Steve smorrey at
Wed Sep 21 15:44:42 MDT 2005

This is an example of what I consider a perfect job posting.
He wants part/fullime worker, with hobbiest level linux experience, and 
a solid knowledge of fundamentals and concepts.
I think I may apply for this one, it fits perfectly with my earlier 
flame when I said I would. if I saw an honest ad. ;)

Derek Davis wrote:

>Flame away. :)
>$12 - $18 per hour depending on experience
>10 - 20 hours per week
>WhiteCanyon Inc. has a flexible part-time position open for a
>motivated programmer looking to add solid programming experience to
>their resume.  This position can also be used as school credit in the
>Co-op program.  WhiteCanyon is proud to say that it boasts one of the
>most educational and enjoyable working environments in Utah Valley.
>•	Improve software user interface
>•	Help localize the software to support multiple languages
>•	Work with customers to help improve the product's hardware detection
>•	Must have general experience programming in a Linux environment
>•	Must have experience installing and configuring Linux distributions
>•	Previous experience working with Linux hardware detection a bonus
>•	Must be a team player and enjoy working in a team environment
>WhiteCanyon Inc. is a leading provider of software designed to help
>prevent Identity Theft.  Its products are available on the web and
>through retail channels like CompUSA, BestBuy, and other stores. 
>WhiteCanyon's client base is large and includes home users as well as
>Fortune 500 and government agencies. See
>Please send resumes to employment at
>Derek M Davis                                derek.davis at
>PLUG:, #utah on
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