Gnucash and Small Business

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Wed Sep 21 12:16:42 MDT 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 at 12:04 -0600, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> Hans Fugal wrote:
> >Yesterday I set up GnuCash for my new little consulting business. I
> >didn't realize that it does invoices, accounts receivable/payable
> >tracking, etc. but it does. There's some tax stuff there too that I
> >haven't figured out yet, but apparently can help you do your taxes, and
> >output data for programs like turbotax.
> > 
> >
> Hans:
> Thanks for the encouragement. I will dig in more now and read and see 
> about setting things up with Gnucash. My wife has me write up invoices 
> for her business and if Gnucash will create and print them, then it's be 
> much better to track that way. I guess every client/customer she has 
> would become a new account, to enable the double entry side of the way 
> gnucash works.

No, actually, gnucash tracks customers independently from accounts. Of
course you could create a separate account for each customer, but
gnucash will make it so you don't have to. You can still run reports on
a per-customer basis, and gnucash will tell you what invoices are coming
due (and conversely, which payables you have coming due) so you can keep
track of when to bug people. :)

Just install gnucash, fire it up, and create a new business accounts
set. Then play around in the menus. Or if you learn better by reading,
the help goes into nauseating detail about how to do everything (except,
it would seem, tax-related things).

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