uneven problem

Derek Carter goozbach at gurulabs.com
Wed Sep 21 10:33:00 MDT 2005

Sachin Awate wrote:
>    hi guys
>    i m new in admin field
>    i want some help
>    i hv setup as
>    firewall,squid with sarg and
>    providing broadband facility to
>    a restricted military area
>    the officer can surf all sites at any time
>    except orange.co.in
>    not getting reason
>    if bypass firewall and proxy then it works
>    even orange.com works fine normally
>    orange.co.in is developed in asp
>    is squid blocking asp or any other problem
>    sachin
>      _________________________________________________________________

I'm trying to parse what your problem may be. From what I can see it 
appears to be an incorrectly set up squid proxy.

look at modifing the acls of the squid server and see if that helps.

sorry  about the off-topicness, It seems to happen here a lot.
also, be aware this is the PROVO Linux Users Group from Provo UT, USA. 
Just incase you didn't know. (we get a lot of traffic from those who 
think it's a linux users group from somewere in India)

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