GnuCash and Budgeting

Ross Werner ross at
Tue Sep 20 20:30:00 MDT 2005

> On 9/20/05, Russel Caldwell <caldr704 at> wrote:
>> I like GnuCash but the problem I've had with it and Quicken also is I
>> haven't been able to create a report that would give how much has been
>> spent per month for a given period of time. Anybody  know of a way I
>> can do that in GnuCash?

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but ...

Reports: Income & Expense: Expense Barchart

By default that shows how much has been spent in each category per month 
for the current year. Click on the "Options" button up top and you can 
modify the step size (instead of per month, to per fortnight or whatever) 
and the date range (since the beginning of last year, since a particular 
date, etc).

This doesn't show actual number values, however, but I prefer the 
graphical way of looking at it anyway ... if you want dollar values you 
can try the "Cash Flow" report, but you can only view one month at a time 
with it (again using the "Options" button to change the date range).

Is that anywhere near what you're looking for?

 	~ Ross

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