GnuCash and loans

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Tue Sep 20 13:19:51 MDT 2005

--- Dan Stovall <dbstovall at> wrote:
>> Don't know.  Most banking sites allow you to download other
>> formats besides Quicken's though.  Surely GnuCash can import
>> at least one of those formats.
> Last time I checked gnuCash support the ofx (Open Financial
> Exchange) format that both Quicken and MS Money have moved to.
> It is an open standard xml based format.  The problem is that
> to download an ofx file from many banks without using the built
> in features of either Quicken or MS Money can be a pain.

It's possible to download data from just about any online banking
site and import it into GnuCash, but it might involve either
a manual download using a browser, or some fairly significant
custom scripting.  I've never found the time to do it myself, and
my script would be fairly complex (involving multiple accounts
at multiple locations).  I do know at least one person who has
actually gone to the effort of writing custom Perl code to
download and his banking data, and runs it from a weekly cron
job, though, so I'm sure it can be done.

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