GnuCash and loans

Dennis devel at
Tue Sep 20 10:30:23 MDT 2005

Grant Shipley wrote:

>On 9/20/05, Dennis <devel at> wrote:
>> It's too much work to download files automatically
>>even though I know gnucash can import them.  I click one button and
>>wammo, all my accounts are automatically updated.  Not worth the time
>>for me to enter all the transactions in manually.  All I have to do with
>>quick is assign which budget each transaction goes to.
>Correct me if I am wrong here -- but gnuCash can only import the old
>qif format.  Quicken will not even let you use this format in the last
>two versions.
Don't know.  Most banking sites allow you to download other formats
besides Quicken's though.  Surely GnuCash can import at least one of
those formats.

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