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Dennis devel at
Tue Sep 20 10:29:18 MDT 2005

Grant Shipley wrote:

>On 9/20/05, Richard Esplin <richjunk1 at> wrote:
>>I can see the appeal of never having to enter transactions, but how do you
>>deal with the risks associated with always trusting the bank?
>>I regularly find that either a vendor or the bank has made a mistake that
>>would cost me money if I didn't catch it.
>I purchase EVERYTHING I can using a credit card instead of writing
>checks, paying cash or using a debit card.  I download new
>transactions daily and verify this is something 1) I purchased and 2)
>is the correct amount.
I follow the same idea.  Heck, Discover gives us 1% back (little I know
but it adds up if you purchase everything on it.)
In addition.. I don't know where your errors are coming from but I have
never had the bank make a mistake before other than a service fee which
I caught and they refunded.  Just because you don't type the
transactions in doesn't mean you don't review them.

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