GnuCash and loans

JStay at JStay at
Tue Sep 20 09:42:17 MDT 2005

> Sorry to not answer this question.. I don't know.  But on the 
> subject of complaining about gnucash, I still use quicken 
> because it automatically connects to my bank.  It's too much 
> work to download files automatically even though I know 
> gnucash can import them.  I click one button and wammo, all 
> my accounts are automatically updated.  Not worth the time 
> for me to enter all the transactions in manually.  All I have 
> to do with quick is assign which budget each transaction goes to.

Just curious - does Quickbooks do this (download account info from
online) as well?  I also like the virtual account idea, assuming you can
link virtual accounts to multiple parent accounts (I want to be able to
pay something from either my checking or my credit card).


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