GnuCash and loans

Dennis devel at
Tue Sep 20 09:38:05 MDT 2005

Richard Esplin wrote:

>My biggest frustration with GnuCash is in tracking loans such as a home 
>mortgage. The only way I have figured out how to do it is to use a 
>spreadsheet to calculate the interest owed each month and then manually add 
>it to the loan account. The GnuCash scripting language is not documented, so 
>it is non-obvious how to get interest calculated as an automatic transaction. 
>How have other pluggers dealt with this problem? Does KMyMoney or Grisbi 
>handle this well?
Sorry to not answer this question.. I don't know.  But on the subject of
complaining about gnucash, I still use quicken because it automatically
connects to my bank.  It's too much work to download files automatically
even though I know gnucash can import them.  I click one button and
wammo, all my accounts are automatically updated.  Not worth the time
for me to enter all the transactions in manually.  All I have to do with
quick is assign which budget each transaction goes to.

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