Opera is now Free

Ross Werner ross at agilestudios.com
Tue Sep 20 08:40:39 MDT 2005

For those of you who don't hang around the front page of Slashdot all day, 
the Opera web browser is now free (for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and 
FreeBSD). You can download your copy here: http://www.opera.com/

It has built-in most of the features that Firefox gives you with 
extensions, with a much smaller footprint (both memory and filesize), more 
easily customizable, and I think just a cleaner user interface altogether.

Ok, I'm done being an Opera fanboy for now, but at least download it so 
you can test your web sites while doing web development. Also if you have 
any questions about "How Do I Do [X] in Opera?" I'd be more than happy to 
walk you through it.

 	~ Ross

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