GnuCash and Budgeting

JStay at JStay at
Tue Sep 20 07:26:26 MDT 2005

> Speaking of gnuCash (and doing my part to swing the thread 
> back on-topic), does anyone have any suggestions for good 
> Linux software for budgeting? 
> GnuCash is great, but (at least as far as I know) it doesn't 
> have any budgeting capabilities.
> All I'm looking for is the ability to have several 
> categories, and when I get a paycheck, put money in the 
> categories, and when I spend money, take it out of one of the 
> categories. Any success stories?
>  	~ Ross

Surprisingly, I don't even know many Windows apps that do that.  It
would seem like a common need (I do my budgeting all in spreadsheets at
the moment, even though I use Quicken on the Mac), but no one seems to
grasp that people budget that way for some reason.


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