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Mon Sep 19 22:03:32 MDT 2005

Thus said "Jonathan Ellis" on Mon, 19 Sep 2005 19:30:30 PDT:

> How many baby sitters pay income tax on their earnings today?  

The article I  listed didn't ask whether baby sitters  would have to pay
income tax,  but whether they  would be required  to charge a  sales tax
when rendering their services.

But since you asked... Clearly nobody has ever had to worry about paying
taxes on  income from  baby sitting,  whether you're  the sitter  or the
employer; that's why documents like these don't exist:


I  don't think  the job  you  perform matters.  If you  make money,  the
government will tax you on it, or at least want to.

> No, they're not  all tax criminals.

Of course they're  not. I certainly don't consider  people criminals who
either through negligence or choice pay taxes.

> This isn't rocket science.

Neither was the  article I posted a link to...  Neither is understanding
that taxes are a detriment to  the economy, sovereign people and no more
than legalized  thievery. Ever wondered why  our tax code is  so complex
and just  keeps getting that way.  FairTax won't make it  any better. It
will just change the complexity.

> Seriously, the babysitter crap was just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm waiting for someone with more  common-sense to elaborate on the rest
of the iceberg, since  clearly I lack in that area.  Maybe I can swallow
that a little more wholly.

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