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Mon Sep 19 17:53:22 MDT 2005

Thus said "Jonathan Ellis" on Mon, 19 Sep 2005 16:28:52 PDT:

> I counted half a dozen straw men skimming just the first half.

Such as?  This may  not be  the best argument  against FairTax,  but the
author clearly is  against income tax altogether,  especially that which
is withheld automatically because it  hides the fact that the government
is actually taxing you. But you probably didn't bother reading his first
article (too  radical possibly)  referenced at  the beginning,  the last
paragraph of which states:

``There is, therefore, nothing short of dramatically rolling back income
tax rates (good) or eliminating  the income tax altogether (better) that
will even begin to tame the federal leviathan.''

> I  quit somewhere  around  his hysterical  raving  about baby  sitters
> becoming tax collectors.

What's so  hysterical about that? If  the government found out  that you
were making money as a baby sitter, do you think it would just turn away
and  not make  your customers  pay tax  on it?  Or would  there be  some
professions that are exempt from requiring their patrons to pay taxes?

Today  I went  to a  chocolate  store and  asked how  much a  particular
confection was. They said it was $2, which just happened to be the exact
amount of FRN that I have in my wallet. I asked them if that was pre-tax
and they affirmed that it was so, to which I asked, can you just sell me
the confection without the tax? They  didn't answer and smirked at me. I
walked out. They lost my sale. Is this good for business? I guess it was
good for me because I didn't  really need the extra calories... So maybe
the ``War on  Obesity'' is actually working and my  taxes that they took
for this cause are doing good..

> I'm  not saying  that fairtax  is perfect,  but quit  swallowing whole
> everything you read on mises.org.

Swallowing whole? Would you rather I wrote about it at length instead of
referring to someone else's work that does the job properly for the most
part? Maybe my ``code reuse'' training doesn't apply to other fields...

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